Research Interests

  • Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems
  • Agent-Based Simulations and Analysis Methods
  • Pattern and Tissue Formation
  • Performance and Precision Aspects of Software Development


WS 2023Experimentalphysik 1 (Tutor)
SS 2022Einführung in die Systembiologie (Tutor)
WS 2021Analysis 3 (Tutor)
WS 2021Vorkurs für Mathematiker (Tutor)
SS 2021Analysis 2 (Tutor)
WS 2020Analysis 1 (Tutor)
SS 2020Elementargeometrie (Tutor)


2023 9th bwHPC Symposium (Poster)
2023 Scientific Computing in Rust 2023 (virtual, Attendance)
2023 Physics of Life (Poster, awarded “Best Student Poster”)
2023 CIBBS International Symposium – Integration in Biological Signalling (Poster)
2022 SBMC 2022 (Attendance)
2021 Symposium Optogenetics in Complex Systems (virtual, Attendance)


Tel+49 (0)761/ 203 8442
Room Number113