Research Interests

  • Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems
  • Agent-Based Simulations and Analysis Methods
  • Pattern and Tissue Formation
  • Performance and Precision Aspects of Software Development


SS 2024Theoretische Physik 3 (Tutor)
WS 2023Experimentalphysik 1 (Tutor)
SS 2022Einführung in die Systembiologie (Tutor)
WS 2021Analysis 3 (Tutor)
WS 2021Vorkurs für Mathematiker (Tutor)
SS 2021Analysis 2 (Tutor)
WS 2020Analysis 1 (Tutor)
SS 2020Elementargeometrie (Tutor)


2024 SFB 1381 Retreat (shared Poster)
2023 9th bwHPC Symposium (Poster)
2023 Scientific Computing in Rust 2023 (virtual, Attendance)
2023 Physics of Life (Poster, awarded “Best Student Poster”)
2023 CIBBS International Symposium – Integration in Biological Signalling (Poster)
2022 SBMC 2022 (Attendance)
2021 Symposium Optogenetics in Complex Systems (virtual, Attendance)


Tel+49 (0)761/ 203 8442
Room Number113